Rock Climbing in Los Manyos

Feel the experience of rock climbing with or without experience!


Come and enjoy with us one of the most beautiful climbing areas in the Cajon del Maipo! Los Manyos is a fantastic rock climbing sector, which has eight climbing areas, with different difficulties, which will challenge you and make you enjoy a day of great adrenaline, testing your limits on this excellent rock quality to do this sport.
This incredible climbing sector is surrounded by a sclerophyllous forest in the central area, where we can find the most beautiful specimens of this type of forest.
For the approach to the rocks, this area invites us to take a trek of approximately 40 minutes, in the middle of a landscape full of nature, offering during the walk a panoramic view of the imposing rocks and the Cajon del Maipo valley.


LOCATION: Los Manyos, El Manzano (Cajón del Maipo), Santiago of Chile.
REGION: Metropolitan Region (RM).


– Type of activity: Rock climbing.

– Difficulty: Easy-Medium.

– Activity objectives: Do the rock climbing activity, with all the safety elements that this sport requires.

– Difficulty level: The level of difficulty of the rocks that we will climb are in France / Spain scale 6a to 6b in USA scale is equivalent to 5.9 up to 5.10b.

– Difficulty of climbing routes in the sector :  5.7 to 5.14.

– Difficulty of routes to climb:

Clients with no previous experience: Amateur Level 5.8 – 5.9 – 10a.
Clients with previous experience: Advanced level 10a – 11a.

– Numbers of climbing routes : 40 climbing routes (total).

– Number of routes to climb : This will depend on the capacity of the client. Approximately, the client will be able to climb 4 different routes or one route from each climbing sector in this sector.

– Type of climbing: Tope Rope.

Clients will not be allowed to climb in “Lead” mode, since this type of climbing requires more experience and technical knowledge, which cannot be verified during the rock climbing activity. Otherwise, by performing this type of rock climbing, the guides cannot have full control of the actions carried out by the client, putting the safety of the activity at risk.

If the client wants to climb the “Lead” modality, they must meet beforehand in a sports climbing gym, to test their knowledge before the Rock Climbing activity.

– Rock Type: Volcanic Rock.

– Characteristics of the rock:Vertical routes, soft and strong leads. The grips are mainly holes.


Views of the Andes Mountains.

Views of the Cajon del Maipo valley.

To arrive, it requires a trekking of approximately 40 minutes, which will allow us to know and appreciate the endemic flora and fauna of the central zone of Chile, which offers a great panoramic view of Los Manyos and Cajon del Maipo.


This activity can be done between the months of October and May.



No previous experience required.

Health according to the activity.

Have the appropriate personal clothing for the activity.

If you are a under-age person, have written authorization from the parents.



PICK UP: Address, hotel, hostel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the client.

DROP OFF:  Address, hotel, hostel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the client.



PAX                                  PRICES PER PAX

  1 Pax                          $ 240.000.- CLP (IVA included)

2 Pax                       $ 140.000.- CLP (IVA included)

3 Pax                        $ 110.000.- CLP (IVA included)

4 Pax                        $ 95.000.- CLP (IVA included)



To validate your reservation you must deposit 50% of the total amount of the expedition. To do so, please write to our email and we will tell you the form and details of payment.
**The payment of the reservation made from abroad is made through Paypal: When using this form of payment, the corresponding amount will be added according to the amount of the reservation, which is the Paypal charge when payments are made from abroad.

This is how we like to work and enjoy each activity


We work only with 4×4 cars equipped for the mountain (comfortable and with great capacity to travel mountain roads).


We work with groups that, in general, do not exceed six people per outing (which helps us to provide a more personalized service, in which a more familiar and concentrated atmosphere is generated).


Allmountain is certified by Sernatur (Certification of Tourist Guides; Certification in Adventure Tourism, sub-areas of: High Mountain, hiking, trekking, climbing) and is currently registered in the Registry of Tourism Service Providers of the same institution.


Our guides are people with experience in the field and have the required certifications to work in these activities (certifications that are also being updated), such as: Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification.


In each activity, we privilege the provision of a sustainable service: we use recyclable and organic products, we promote the principles of NDR (Leave No Trace), we promote local tourism, etc.


If you want to participate in a trekking or expedition and you do not have the technical equipment to do so, Allmountain includes them within each activity (if required). Example: tent, crampons, ice axe, helmet, etc.

We believe in a sustainable and sustainable tourism


In every trekking, Expedition, Mountain Tour or climbing outing, we bet on a:


Cultural Sustainability:

Souvenirs from local artisans: we visit cultural centers, museums, craft fairs in order to promote the consumption of products from local communities and that our customers interact with them to take a complete experience of the local community and their customs, food and others.


Ecological Sustainability:

We use soaps and natural cleaning products that do not contaminate the land, water of the places we visit.

We use glass containers and after each activity we separate and recycle the garbage produced during our outings.

We try to clean the places we visit or bring the garbage we find.


Energy Sustainability:

Solar battery chargers: we use solar battery chargers to charge our cell phones, cameras and other electronic items.


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