San Pedro de Atacama and Volcanoes Crossing and Adventure

Spectacular landscapes, desert, salt flats, volcanoes, ancestral culture, travelers from all over the world, come together in one place


Mountain Tour San Pedro de Atacama & Volcanoes Trekking 


San Pedro de Atacama is a must see destination in the North of Chile. A town with a lot of culture and where all the nationalities meet in one place. An oasis in the altiplanic desert, makes this town a very desired and unique place for many who visit it. It is a place of contrasts and moving landscapes. Its gastronomy, its architecture, its history and its people make this place an unforgettable destination: the salt flats, the hot springs, the driest desert in the world. Mountains over 5,000 meters high, geysers and much more, make San Pedro de Atacama a place full of good energies. An adventure destination that you should know.



PICK UP:   El Loa Airport, Calama.

DROP OFF: El Loa Airport, Calama.



  • Private transfer from the city of Calama (El Loa Airport) to San Pedro de Atacama.
  • We will visit the great Valley of Death and we will have the possibility of having a nice view of the desert in the Coyote’s Stone.
  • We will tour the town of San Pedro de Atacama and the mythical Valley of The Moon; We will visit the Salt Caves, Tres Marías, The Anfiteatro and enjoy the sunset in the Duna Mayor.


Is included  

Private 4×4 Transport.

Valley of The Moon ticket.

Valley of The Death ticket.

Coyote´s  Stone ticket.

Welcome Dinner.



  • We will visit the Catarpe Tunnel by bicycle.
  • We will visit the old and historic Pukará (Fort) of Quitor.
  • We will have lunch in one of the most famous and typical restaurant in town.


Is included

Private 4×4 Transport.

Rental Bike (Full Day).

Valley of Catarpe Ticket.

Pukará of Quitor ticket.

Snack of the day.

Lunch in one of the most famous and typical restaurant in town.



  • We will visit one of the most famous places of San Pedro de Atacama: Geysers of Tatio.
  • We will visit the town of Machuca and its picturesque Parroquia.
  • And finally, we relax in a dream hot springs in the middle of the desert: Termas de Puritama.


Is included

Private 4×4 transport.

Geysers of Tatio Ticket.

Puritama Hot Spring Ticket.

Snack of the day.

Dinner in a typical restaurant in town.




¡Day of lagoons!
We will visit the famous Altiplanics Lagoons – Chaxa Lagoon (in which Flamencos live in its interior) – Tebinquinche Lagoon.

And the rest of the afternoon, we will use it to buy souvenirs in the town.



Is included

Miscanti and Miñiques Lagoons Ticket.

Chaxa Lagoon Ticket.

Tebinquiche Tebinquiche Ticket.

Snack of the day.

Lunch in a typical restaurant in town.



DAY 5: Cerro Toco.

We are already acclimatized and ready to ascend an iconic hill of San Pedro de Atacama: El Cerro Toco. It is an ancient volcano, today asleep like other volcanoes in the area. It is one of the most characteristic trekking in the area, being the closest to San Pedro de Atacama. A 5,600 masl with extraordinary views of the Chilean and Bolivian altiplano. Twenty years ago, the hill touched, “corner” in the kunza dialect, served as a sulfur deposit for Chuquicamata and today in its foothills is the observatory Alma, the largest astronomical project in the world. When we reach the top, a spectacular view welcomes us. From the top, we can see the majestic volcanoes such as Licancabur and Juriques, the plain of Chaknantor and Bolivian lagoons in the desert landscape.



Is included:

High Mountain Guide with WFR Certification.

Assistant Guide.



Dinner in a typical restaurant in town.

4×4 vehicle equipped.

First aid kit.



DAY 6: Volcán Lascar.

We are already acclimatized and ready to ascend one of the most active volcanoes of the central South American Andes and northern Chile. In the Lascar volcano there have been 32 eruptions since 1848. This volcano is surrounded by a moving landscape. We can see the fauna that inhabits the great Atacama desert such as Ñandus, llamas, guanacos and flamingos among others. The Lejía Lagoon will be our scenario to enjoy a rich breakfast before the ascent. An unforgettable trekking that will take you to see with your own eyes all the immensity of the Atacama desert and the majesty of the Chilean highlands.



Is included:

High Mountain Guide with WFR Certification.

Assistant Guide.



Dinner in a typical restaurant in town.

4×4 vehicle equipped.

First aid kit.


This tour is ideal to be done throughout the year.


To validate your reservation you must deposit 50% of the total amount of the expedition. To do so, please write to our email and we will tell you the form and details of payment.
**The payment of the reservation made from abroad is made through Paypal: When using this form of payment, the corresponding amount will be added according to the amount of the reservation, which is the Paypal charge when payments are made from abroad.

This is how we like to work and enjoy each activity


We work only with 4×4 cars equipped for the mountain (comfortable and with great capacity to travel mountain roads).


We work with groups that, in general, do not exceed six people per outing (which helps us to provide a more personalized service, in which a more familiar and concentrated atmosphere is generated).


Allmountain is certified by Sernatur (Certification of Tourist Guides; Certification in Adventure Tourism, sub-areas of: High Mountain, hiking, trekking, climbing) and is currently registered in the Registry of Tourism Service Providers of the same institution.


Our guides are people with experience in the field and have the required certifications to work in these activities (certifications that are also being updated), such as: Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification.


In each activity, we privilege the provision of a sustainable service: we use recyclable and organic products, we promote the principles of NDR (Leave No Trace), we promote local tourism, etc.


If you want to participate in a trekking or expedition and you do not have the technical equipment to do so, Allmountain includes them within each activity (if required). Example: tent, crampons, ice axe, helmet, etc.

We believe in a sustainable and sustainable tourism


In every trekking, Expedition, Mountain Tour or climbing outing, we bet on a:


Cultural Sustainability:

Souvenirs from local artisans: we visit cultural centers, museums, craft fairs in order to promote the consumption of products from local communities and that our customers interact with them to take a complete experience of the local community and their customs, food and others.


Ecological Sustainability:

We use soaps and natural cleaning products that do not contaminate the land, water of the places we visit.

We use glass containers and after each activity we separate and recycle the garbage produced during our outings.

We try to clean the places we visit or bring the garbage we find.


Energy Sustainability:

Solar battery chargers: we use solar battery chargers to charge our cell phones, cameras and other electronic items.


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