Purgatorio Summit (2.458 masl)

Location: Purgaorio Summit,  Pirque

Region: Metropolitan

Country: Chile

One of the most striking mountains in the south of Santiago de Chile

 Purgatorio Summit


The Purgatory hill is located in the southern sector of our city of Santiago de Chile, it is a hill that by its name intimidates many, but without a doubt that name is not part of the reality of the hill. De Purgatorio has nothing. The hill from the beginning is friendly on the climb, has wonderful vegetation and birds and a slope that climbs progressively. We could say that the final stretch of the mountain is, by far, the most difficult and it is in this part where the effort is totally worth and give everything to reach its characteristic summit that we can appreciate from all the Maipo and Pirque valley.

From the summit we can see part of the Cajon del Maipo and sectors such as El Canelo and El Manzano, which are seen in their entirety. But, the best without a doubt is to see the majesty of the Cordillera de los Andes, which is located just in front of the Purgatory hill. In addition, it highlights the view of Cerro Minillas and Punta de Damas, which rise and impose with its snowy peaks.

The descent is undoubtedly one of the friendliest in the central Andes, with no direct slopes or slippery terrain.

If you want to live a physically demanding but at the same time friendly experience, Cerro Purgatorio is a walk that you should consider without a doubt.


INITIAL ALTITUDE: 840 masl (Pirque School , Pirque).

MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 2.458 masl (Purgatorio summit).

HOURS:  8 hours, aprox.

DISTANCE: 15 km (round trip).

TYPE OF ACTIVITY: Trekking Full Day.




PICK UP:   Domicilio, hotel, hostal, hospedaje o punto de encuentro acordado con el cliente.

DROP OFF:  Domicilio, hotel, hostal, hospedaje o punto de encuentro acordado con el cliente.

HOURS OF ACTIVITY: Full day (8 hours total, aprox)


The day begins with the pick-up at the address, hotel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the clients. Then, we will go to the sector of San Juan of Pirque (starting point of the trekking).

This trek includes 15 km of round trip distance, therefore it should be considered: in winter, the descent is at night and in summer at sunset time. We recommend our clients to consider all day and evening for the ascension of this mountain.

Once the trek to Cerro Papagayo, our day will conclude with the drop-off of our clients at their home, hotel, accommodation or agreed point.




This trekking can be done throughout the year.







PERSON                 PRICE (CLP)

1 Persona                           $125.000.-
2 Personas                        $ 70.000.-
3 Personas                         $ 55.000.-
4 Personas                         $ 45.000.-
5 Personas                          $ 40.000.-


**All our services include a bill or invoice and are subject to VAT, in compliance with Chilean tax legislation.



To make your reservation valid you must deposit 50% of the total amount of the trekking. To do this, write to our email info@allmountain.cl and we will indicate the form and payment information.
** The payment of the reservation made from abroad is made through Paypal: When this form of payment is used, 15 USD will be added (corresponding to the Paypal charge when making payments from abroad).



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