Terms and Conditions 2022-2023

Terms and conditions adapted to contingency caused by covid-19 virus

2022-2023 Season


Due to the current context of the Covid-19 Pandemic that exists in the world, we have made our terms and conditions more flexible, so that you can adapt your adventure to the current conditions.

Here, we will explain in detail our requirements to be able to carry out our activities as well as date changes, money refunds, among others.


In light of the current pandemic context, Allmountain will provide:


  • Supplies to perform hand hygiene with clean water, liquid soap and single-use towels.
  • Anti-bacterial alcohol gel minimum 70% will be provided.
  • Temperature control with infrared thermometer.
  • Application of Covid-19 prevention protocols before and during trips and transfers (our guides are trained in the application of these measures).


In addition, Allmountain:


  • Will maintain contact with the logistics manager within the operating agency at least every 24 hours to inform the current situation of the trip participants; as well as to receive information about changes in restrictions in the area where the activity takes place.
  • Have alternative itineraries and communicate to clients in case the attraction to be visited is in a quarantine zone.
  • Ensure that foreign clients visiting the country have health insurance with COVID-19 coverage; travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage for cancellations and trip changes.
    Be vigilant for the presence of COVID-19 symptoms in travel participants.


Prior to the trip:


  • If the guide develops symptoms prior to the start of the activity, even if mild, the activity must be suspended or cancelled, as the case may be. AllMountain will coordinate the suspension or replacement of the guide and, depending on the circumstances, will determine the termination or continuation of the activity (due to risk of contagion).
  • If clients have symptoms, even if they are mild, they will not be allowed to participate in the activity.
    We must know if the client has already had the virus and, if necessary and if some of the symptoms of the virus are present, a medical certificate will be required for the activity to be carried out.
    All the necessary information will be sent to the client so that he/she knows the protocols of contagion in the middle of the trip.
  • The client must fill out the medical form provided by AllMountain, and detail in it if he/she has any disease that could be aggravating in case of COVID-19 infection.
    The temperature will be taken before starting the activity or trip. If the temperature exceeds > 37.8°C, the activity will not be allowed.


Allmountain will suspend the activity in case of:


  • If the clients or the guide in charge of the activity present symptoms of Covid-19 before starting the activity.
  • The team may suspend the activity if any member of the team does not follow the instructions of the guide.
  • The activity may be suspended in case of rain, snow, strong winds or evident risk of forest fire or thunderstorm.
  • The activity may be suspended if the following geographical situations occur: landslides, river flooding, alluvium (the trails are connected by bridges, if alluvium occurs this would cause isolation), volcanic eruptions, earthquakes.
  • An activity can be suspended inside a protected area when the pertinent authority (Conaf or Carabineros de Chile) establishes it for safety reasons.
  • The activity may be suspended when any member of the group suffers an incident or accident.
  • The activity may be suspended if any member of the team does not comply with the previously established rules of behavior (consuming alcohol, drugs, and/or other substances before, during, or after the activity).
  • The activity may be suspended when it is detected that the equipment or part of it is in poor condition for the activity.
  • The activity may be suspended if the guide catches a client performing a reckless action, which puts his integrity and that of the equipment at risk.
  • The activity may be suspended if the vehicle has any damage (if any relevant authority, such as the police or others, establishes it for safety reasons).


 Criteria used by our company to suspend the activity:


  • The guide will suspend the activity in case any client suffers a non-minor accident, which involves vital risk, psychological and/or physical damage, or must be evacuated from the place as soon as possible.
  • The guide will suspend the activity if weather conditions change suddenly (rain, snowfall, thunderstorms, etc.).
  • Allmountain will suspend the activity if any authority (Carabineros, Seremi de Salud) suspends the activities within any perimeter for safety or sanitary reasons.
  • Allmountain will suspend the activity if the vehicles are not in optimal conditions for the activity.
  • Allmountain and the guide will suspend the activity if one of its participants is in an evident state of having consumed alcohol or psychotropic substances.
  • The guide will suspend the activity if he finds any damage to the equipment necessary for the activity.


 Payment and booking conditions:


  • The minimum payment to make a reservation is 30% or 50% of the total price of the trekking and/or expedition (which varies from one activity to another), which is previously informed and published in each activity on our website www.allmountain.cl, in addition to being pointed out in each itinerary/program sent to our clients, prior to their reservation.
  • The reservation can be made through our website, PayPal link or by requesting bank transfer information through our mail info@allmountain.cl.
  • The method of payment will depend on whether the reservation is made from abroad or within Chile. If it is from abroad, the payment of the reservation must be made through our PayPal link. In this case, the client must assume the costs corresponding to the commission charged by PayPal for making payments from abroad (the amount of the commission varies according to the amount to be paid). If the payment of the reservation is made within the country (Chile), it must be made through electronic bank transfer, which will be informed to the client.


About cancellations and rescheduling:


  • In case of contagion, health problems, declaration of quarantine in areas where the activity takes place or because of border closures due to the Covid-19 virus and other cases: If you made your reservation (you paid 30% or 50% of the total price of the activity as a reservation), you will be able to RESCHEDULE the date of the activity, on any date of the 2022-2023 SEASON (which will be subject to availability). The paid reservation will remain valid until it is used on the rescheduled date. To this end, AllMountain will grant the absolute flexibility necessary and possible, provided that reasonable notice and coordination is given in advance of the date reserved for the rescheduled activity.
  • In case of absolute impossibility of rescheduling or for reasons of force majeure, our clients have a maximum period to CANCEL the contracted activity 30 days (for expeditions and activities of more than 2 days) and 10 days (for trekking and activities that are only 1 day) PRIOR to the day the activity starts, in case of not being able to attend. This cancellation must be made in a clear and justified manner by the client, through the same means in which contact with the client is maintained.
    In case of failure to comply with the deadline stipulated above, there will be no refunds of money paid for the reservation.
  • In case of not being in adequate conditions to perform the activity (presenting symptoms of having consumed drugs, alcohol or any psychotropic substance), AllMountain will cancel the activity and there will be no refund of the money already paid for the reservation.


Money refunds:


  • Once the activity has started and finished, no money will be refunded in case of dissatisfaction with the activity.
  • In case of absolute impossibility of rescheduling or for reasons of force majeure, and making the request for cancellation of the activity, before the expiration of the maximum period of 30 days (for expeditions and activities of more than 2 days) and 10 days (for trekking and activities that are only 1 day) PRIOR to the day on which the activity begins, the customer will be refunded half of what was paid for the reservation (50% of what was paid for the reservation). The total amount of the reservation cannot be refunded because, as part of our fair trade policies, we seek to pay our suppliers in advance, according to previous agreement with them. In case of failure to comply with the above stipulated deadline, there will be no refund of your reservation.  It is for this reason, that we prioritize to offer the client the opportunity to change the date of the trip for a future one, during the 2022-2023 season, and at a value equal or superior to that of the booked activity.
  • The refund of the money corresponding to half of the amount paid for the reservation will be made, as far as possible, through the same means in which the customer made the payment of the reservation. For this purpose, AllMountain will have a maximum period of 15 working days from the date of request or notice of cancellation of the activity to refund the amount paid.

Responsible use of technical and other equipment provided by Allmountain – repair and/or replacement cases


Use of technical equipment delivered to the client for the development of the activity(ies):

  • It is noted that the condition of the equipment delivered by Allmountain to each customer is in optimal conditions, thus ensuring the correct and safe development of any of the activities that are done.
  • Once the activity is finished, the customer must return by hand the equipment received, exclusively to Allmountain Chile staff, in the same conditions in which they were received.
  • The client must be responsible for using the equipment carefully and take the corresponding precautions. In case of doubts about the correct use of the equipment, even after having received the respective briefing or instructions, the client should ask the guide in charge for further guidance.
  • Also, the client must use in a respectful and responsible manner all the additional equipment of common use included for the correct
    equipment included for the correct development of the activity: vehicles, equipment or objects of camping or others, which are of equipment or other items that are the property of Allmountain Chile.


Cases of lost or damaged equipment received or used in the activity(ies):

  • In case of loss or damage (total or partial) of any of the objects that Allmountain delivered to the customer, either by negligence or willful misconduct, the customer must return or pay for the repair (if applicable) of such object (s), according to market price.
  • The restitution shall be made with respect to the same product, size and brand that was affected by its total or partial loss or destruction, according to market price. In case of partial destruction that makes impossible a repair that guarantees the functionality and safety of the object or the repair costs of the object exceed its market value, it must be replaced by a new one, at the full cost of the responsible customer.
  • Repairs, if any, shall only be carried out if the same functionality and safety as before the damage occurred is guaranteed. All of which shall be at the expense of the responsible customer.
  • Regarding deadlines for the repair and/or restitution of the lost or destroyed equipment: Once the activity is finished, a maximum period of 10 working days will be given, counting from the day the activity is finished, to make the payment corresponding to the repair and/or restitution, in a bank account that will be duly informed to the client. If the payment indicated by the responsible client is not made, either by unjustified refusal or by the simple expiration of the term, we will proceed through legal instances for such payment.
  • The above shall also apply in case of loss or destruction (total or partial) of any object, element and/or equipment that is of common use for the activity, such as tents, dome, kitchen objects, camping objects or others, etc.
  • The above shall also apply to any damage that may affect any of the vehicles used in the activity and that has been caused, intentionally or negligently, by the responsible client.


Medical Form and Acceptance of the risk of the activity


  • For the realization of each activity, it is mandatory that each client completes the medical and risk acceptance form, prior to the beginning of the activity. For this purpose, this form will be sent in advance, together with the booking confirmation voucher and other forms.
  • The medical form may be sent by e-mail or instant messenger, in Word, PDF or photographic format (taken in legible format).
  • The statement made in the medical and risk acceptance form is understood to be absolutely concordant and faithful to reality. Allmountain cannot be held responsible for any medical conditions, allergies or other illnesses not reported in the medical form that may have caused any unforeseeable situation during the activity.
  • The guide(s) in charge of the activity must carry the medical records of each client. The information contained therein will be used exclusively for the adequacy of food, first aid and first aid, if necessary or delivery to the relevant authority that requires it (Carabineros, Firefighters, Socorro Andino, primary health care center, hospital, etc.).
  • Allmountain will be authorized to provide first aid to the customer who fills out the form.
    form, it being understood that the customer accepts the risks involved in the activity.


Acceptance of terms and conditions Allmountain


  • It is understood by the mere fact of having made the payment for the booking confirmation that the customer accepts with it the terms and conditions of Allmountain Chile, described in this document, which, in any case, are attached in the booking confirmation email, in addition to being published, with free access to the public, on the website www.allmountain.cl, versions available in Spanish and English.
  • It is understood that the client accepts the terms and conditions described when signing the medical and risk acceptance form for each activity.


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