Pintor (4.180 masl), Leonera (4.953 masl) and El Plomo (5.424 masl)


¡3 historic summits of the Central Andes in a single expedition!


We have created for you this unforgettable high mountain adventure where you can visit the three great historical sites of the Central Andes: Cerro Pintor, Cerro Leonera and the sacred mountain Inca Cerro El Plomo. In this expedition, we can nourish ourselves with experience, mountain and history. You can have the possibility of achieving three beautiful peaks and observe all the majesty of the Andes Mountain Range.


CERRO PINTOR (4.180 masl)

The multicolored mountain is a classic hiking hill in the Santiago area, allowing you to reach an efficient point in a few hours where you can contemplate the Andes mountain range, especially the large ones in the area: Cerro Leonera and the sacred mountain Inca “El Plomo”. This hill stands out for the color of its landscape, the beautiful views it offers throughout its route and, also, for being a trekking considered high mountain.

-INITIAL ALTITUDE: 2.970 masl, Andarivel Las Águilas,  La Parva Ski Center.

-MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 4.180 masl, Cerro Pintor (summit).


CERRO LEONERA (4.180 masl)

Cerro Leonera is one of the largest in the area, next to Cerro Pintor (4,180 meters above sea level) and Cerro El Plomo (5,440 meters above sea level). The Leonera is characterized for being a hill physically demanding and for having at its top the best view of the Sacred Mountain Inca Cerro El Plomo. Its summit is very cold, because it is exposed to the north face of the Andes mountain range. A hill of high mountain, very striking for those who seek to visit the giants of this part of the Cordillera. The most important thing in this hill is having a good physical condition and resistance to altitude. This hill can be a great start for those who want to venture into the adventure of high mountain expeditions.

-INITIAL ALTITUDE: 4.091 masl,  Cancha de Carreras camp.

-MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 4.954 masl, Cerro Leonera (summit).


CERRO El PLOMO (5.424 masl)

El Plomo is a sacred mountain. The Incas named it Apu Wamani, that is, Guardian of the Valley. In the vicinity of its summit, they left as an offering a child whose body was mummified and was found in 1954. This wonderful mountain is the highest point visible from the city of Santiago of Chile. It has an altitude of 5424 masl (summit).

-IINITIAL ALTITUDE: 4.145 masl, Federación Base Camp.

-MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: 5.424 masl, Cerro El Plomo (summit).




PICK UP: Address, hotel, hostel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the client.

DROP OFF: Address, hotel, hostel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the client.



DAY 1 : Santiago –  La Parva Ski Center–  Cerro Pintor Summit- Cancha de Carreras (camp).

DAY 2: Cancha de Carreras –  Cerro Leonera summit– Cancha de Carreras (camp).

DAY 3 : Cancha de Carreras – Federación Base camp (camp).

DAY 4: Federación Base camp-  La Hoya (acclimatization)- Federación Base camp (camp).

DAY 5: Federación Base camp-Cerro El Plomo summit- Federación Base camp (camp).

DAY 6: Federación Base camp- La Parva Ski Center- Santiago.



Between October and March. The best time is between January and March, because the weather is much more stable.








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