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¿What is a Tailor-Made Tour?

Tailor Made Tour is a concept that means that each tour or activity can be adjusted by yourself, according to what you need or what you prefer. For example: tour days, add/remove technical equipment rental, etc.

¿How this concept works in AllMountain Chile?

At AllMountain Chile, every trek, expedition, crossing / adventure and mountain tour can be adapted to your requirements. Our idea is that you enjoy the mountain in the way that you like and that adapts to your needs and preferences.

For example, we have suggested itineraries:

FULL (All Inclusive) In this type of itinerary, what is included will depend on the activity you want to do. As its name says, it includes ALL that is necessary to do any trekking, expedition, crossing/adventure or mountain tour, with full safety and comfort for our clients.

♦ For example: For the Ojos del Salado Volcano expedition, a FULL itinerary includes transportation from Santiago or Copiapó (only 4×4 vehicles equipped for high mountain and its driver); food and water during the expedition days (breakfast, lunch, dinner, walking ration); certified high mountain guide; assistant high mountain guide/cook; Technical group equipment (high mountain tents, kitchen utensils, dining tent, satellite phone, rope, harness); Individual technical equipment (crampons, ice axe, helmet, high mountain feather jacket, plastic boots, etc); Payments for lunches/dinners in restaurants; hotel; local products, etc.

BASIC (Transport and guidance only): In this type of itinerary, what is included is only Transportation (4×4) and the certified high mountain guide/driver. Sometimes, the assistant guide is added, depending on the number of pax per activity (in strict compliance with the respective regulations). This BASIC itinerary can have small variations, depending on the activity to choose.

♦ For example, for the expedition to the Ojos del Salado Volcano, this would include only Transportation in a 4×4 vehicle equipped for high mountain and its driver (departure from Santiago or Copiapó); Certified High Mountain Guide; Assistant Guide (from 2 pax). The rest that would be included in a FULL itinerary, such as: daily food, restaurants, individual technical equipment (crampons, ice axe, plastic boots, mittens, high mountain jacket, etc), Hotel, cook for expedition days, etc; would not be included in the BASIC itinerary.


And now we also include:

TAILOR MADE TOURS: Here, you can adapt the itineraries already offered in each trek, expedition, crossing / adventure or mountain tour. That is, you can choose FULL or BASIC itineraries and adapt them to your requirements. Also, you can make a combination of both, or add and/or remove elements from one or the other.

♦ We will give the same example of an expedition to the Ojos del Salado Volcano FULL itinerary: If I want this itinerary, but I already have all or part of my individual technical equipment (crampons, high mountain plastic boots, high mountain jacket, ice axe, etc), I can request that this not be included in the FULL itinerary (which will be discounted from the final price for the client).

** For safety reasons, we do not apply this concept in Rock Climbing activity.
** The tours available to apply this concept, have their respective stamp.

What should I do if I want a tailor-made tour?

All you have to do is tell us! We will adapt to what you need for each trek, expedition, trip/adventure or mountain tour. We will gladly guide you.
We can suggest the best options for you, according to your budget, tastes and preferences.

To do so, you can write to us at:

  • Whatsapp webpage chat
  • Mail info@allmountain.cl

Our Tailor-Made Tour seal

You will find this stamp in any of our activities (trekking, expedition, crossing / adventure or mountain tour) in which it is possible to make them tailor-made.

**Remember, for safety reasons, we cannot apply this concept to Rock Climbing activities.



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