La Cruz Summit (2.552 masl)

Ubication: Cerro La Cruz

Region: Metropolitana

Country: Chile

A challenging mountain trekking

La Cruz Summit


The Cerro la Cruz stands out for being a very physically demanding hill and for having a steep slope. During the route there is no water, so it is important to bring enough water for the ascent and descent of the hill (three liters per person, at least). In the first part, we will cross the hill on a leafy part and full of typical vegetation of the area. Then, the terrain will become drier and the hauling can be a bit slippery, so the route becomes attractively challenging.
In the second half of the route to the summit of the hill, we will find some entertaining rock steps through which you have to cross. Then, we will walk by a rocky edge, which will be the last part of our route, to finally reach the summit (from here, we will have an impressive view of the city of Santiago de Chile). Once the summit is reached, we will return by the same route to the parking lot where we left our vehicle (Parque Mahuida parking lot).




PICK UP:  Hotel, hostel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the client.

DROP OFF: Hotel, hostel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the client.



This trekking begins with the pick-up at the address, hotel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the clients. Then, we will go to the commune of La Reina, specifically Mahuida Park. In this Park begins our trekking route to the summit of Cerro La Cruz.

The day of trekking ends with the drop-off of our clients at their home, hotel, lodging or agreed point of agreement with the client.




This trekking is ideal to be done throughout the year.








PERSON                 VALOR (CLP)

1 person                          $130.000.-

2 person                        $65.000.- (per person)

3 person                         $55.000.- (per person)

4 person                          $50.000.- (per person)

5 person                          $45.000.- (per person)


** The price ​​include:

– Guide with WFR certification (Wilderness First Responder).
– Transport (4×4).
– Payment Entrance to the Park.
– Food (snack / lunch)
– Trekking poles.
– VHS radios.
– Complete first aid kit.
– Pulsometer.
– GPS.

** All our services include ticket or invoice and are subject to IVA, in compliance with Chilean tax legislation.



To make your reservation valid you must deposit 50% of the total amount of the trekking. To do this, write to our email and we will indicate the form and payment information.

** The payment of the reservation made from abroad is made through Paypal: When this form of payment is used, 15 USD (which corresponds to the Paypal charge when making payments from abroad) will be added.


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