Ojos del Salado Volcano (6.893 masl)

Ubication: Copiapó

Region: Atacama Region (III)

Country: Chile

¡¡knows part of the Roof of America!!

Ojos del Salado Volcano

The highest volcano in the world


In this unforgettable ALL INCLUSIVE ADVENTURE we invite you to enjoy a big expedition of high mountain, in which we will visit two large of the area of ​​the Atacama Region (yes, two!):

Nevados de San Francisco (6.018 masl) and the highest volcano in the world Ojos del Salado (6.893 masl).




PICK UP:   Santiago de Chile (At the address, hotel, hostel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the client).

DROP OFF:  Santiago de Chile (At the address, hotel, hostel, lodging or meeting point agreed with the client).

DISTANCIA DE VIAJE: 1.620 km, aprox (round trip).


TRANSFER: Private 4×4 Transport.


DIA 1 : Santiago (Metropolitan Region) – Copiapó (Atacama Region). 810 km of distance, aprox (8 hours of trip)-  Santa Rosa Lake.

DIA 2:  Santa Rosa Lake- Verde Lake.

DIA 3 : Base Camp- Verde Lake.

DIA 4: Day of acclimatization.

DIA 5Base Camp- Verde Lake.

DIA 6Verde Lake –  Nevados de San Francisco Ascension (6.018 masl)- Verde Lake.

DIA 7Verde Lake – Atacama Refuge- Ojos del Salado Volcano (6.893 masl).

DIA 8 Atacama Refuge- Tejos Refuge- Porteo.

DIA 9:  Atacama Refuge- Tejos Refuge.

DIA 10:  Tejos Refuges-  Ojos del Salado Volcano, summit (6.893 msnm)-  Tejos Refuge or Atacama Refuge.

DIA 11:  Return to Copiapó.

DIA 12:  Visit to Bahía Inglesa (lunge)- Return to Santiago de Chile.



Between October and March, because the climate is more stable, compared to the rest of the year. Due to the altitude in which the activity takes place, it is necessary to consider ascending in that period. In addition, it must be taken into account that between January and March, the phenomenon of “Bolivian winter” occurs, which translates into abrupt changes in climate (with the appearance of bad weather, rain and more wind).




Nevado de San Francisco (6.018 masl)


 Initial Altitude: 4.900 masl

Maximum Altitude: 6.018 masl

Nevados de San Francisco belongs to the largest in the area, with an altitude of 6,018 meters above sea level, being the ideal hill for a proper acclimatization, prior to the ascent to Ojos del Salado, both for its altitude and its proximity with the same. Its name is related to the Paso de San Francisco (which, in the history of Chile, had a great importance, because it was at that step that Diego de Almagro and his army crossed the Andes Mountain Range at the historic milestone of the discovery From Chile). This Hill invites us to discover the majestic Andes Mountain Range.


Ojos del Salado Volcano (6.893 masl)


Initial Altitude: 5.200 masl

Maximum Altitude: 6.983 masl

The Ojos del Salado Volcano is a stratovolcano of 6,893 meters of altitude, known for being the highest volcano in the world and for being the second highest peak in America, after Aconcagua, forming part of the popularly known “Roof of America”. It is located in the Cordillera de Los Andes, specifically in the Third Region of Atacama, in an area where there are large peaks that exceed 6,000 masl, in the southern part of the famous Atacama Desert (the driest desert in the world). The route to this volcano is difficult and remote access.

In this incredible Volcano we can experience the experience of taking our body and mind to the highest point, from which we will have a truly unique view of the desert and we will enter a route that will invite us to observe the purest of the Cordillera.





PERSONS                 VALOR (CLP)

1 person                      $3.056.000.-

2 persons                   $1.771.000.- (per person)

3 persons                  $1.343.000.- (per person)

4 persons                  $1.128.500.- (per person)

5 persons                  $1.000.000.- (per person)


Is Included:

– Guide and Guide Assistant with WFR certification (Wilderness First Responder).

– 4×4 private transport, (Santiago de Chile- Copiapó, round trip).

– Daily feeding (breakfast, ration of march, lunch, dinner).

– Kitchen equipment: plates, pots, cooker, utensils, etc. (the guide and the assistant are responsible for providing food to our customers).

– Technical Equipment: Automatic crampons, ice ax, plastic boots, sleeping bag, trekking poles, tent, VHS radios, complete first aid kit, heart rate monitor, oximeter, GPS.


If you have the necessary technical equipment for the activity:

If you have the necessary equipment, we can discount the price of the technical equipment with respect to the total price of the expedition. In this case, it is the exclusive responsibility of the client. Without prejudice to this, we are always ready to advise our clients for greater security.

**All our services include a bill or invoice and are subject to IVA, in compliance with Chilean tax legislation.



To make your reservation valid you must deposit 50% of the total amount of the expedition. To do this, write to our email info@allmountain.cl and we will indicate the form and payment information.

** The payment of the reservation made from abroad is made through Paypal: When this form of payment is used, 15 USD (which corresponds to the Paypal charge when making payments from abroad) will be added.


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