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San Jose Volcano (5.856 masl) Expedition

Ascend an active volcano in the depths of Cajón del Maipo!   An incredible expedition in the central Andes   San Jose Volcano   Only three volcanoes in the central Andes are active, one of them is the majestic and imposing San José Volcano. The others are the Tupungatito Volcano (5,600 masl) and the Maipo…

Plantat Refuge (3.130 masl) Trekking

A wonderful high altitude trekking, from beginning to end…!   Plantat Refuge (3,130 masl)     The trekking to the Plantat Refuge is a must in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago. It is located at the bottom of the mythical Cajón del Maipo and at the foot of the majestic San José Volcano (5,856 meters…

Rock climbing – The Manyos

Feel the emotion of rock climbing and enjoy the beauty of Cajón del Maipo from the heights!   Rock climbing in Los Manyos     Los Manyos is a fantastic rock climbing sector, which has eight climbing areas, with different difficulties, which will challenge you and make you enjoy a day of great adrenaline, testing your…

Mt. Minillas (2,465 masl), Mt. Tarapacá (2,550 masl) and Mt. Punta de Damas (3,149 masl) Crossing

See the beauty of the mountain   Minillas, Tarapacá & Punta de Damas   This is one of the best crossings to be made, along with the Crossing of the Sierra de Ramón, due to many factors: the view towards the capital city of Santiago, the majesty of the Andes Mountains, the endemic flora and…



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