Plomo Summit EXPRESS (5.424 masl)

Visit to the Great Apu El Plomo, the sacred mountain Inca


Ubication: Cerro el Plomo

Region: Metropolitana

Country: Chile


One of the highest peaks visible from Santiago, alongside Cerro Leonera. Like the Tórtolas mountain, El Plomo is considered an “Apu Wamani” in Inca culture, which means “guardian of the valley”.

In February of 1954 one of the most important discoveries in the field of archaeology was made here: the Plomo Mummy, a nine-year-old boy who was sacrificed to transform the mountain into a sacred space and thereby transcend time.

The first ascent reported by climbers was in 1896, by Gustavo Brandt y Rodolfo Luck.



This itinerary includes 2 to 3 days of expedition. To perform this “express” ascent, the client must be properly acclimatized and have the optimum physical conditions to submit his body to this level of difficulty.



→ The client must have experience in high Mountain.

→ Have the appropriate physical condition for this level of difficulty.

→ Be well acclimatized.

→ Sign disclaimer document, which will be sent to the client at the time of booking.



Itinerary 2 days:

  • Day 1: Santiago of Chile- Valle Nevado (Andarivel Tres Puntas)- Federación Base Camp.
  • Day 2: Federación Base Camp-  Cerro El Plomo Summit (5.424 masl) – Valle Nevado (Andarivel Tres Puntas) – Santiago of Chile.

Itinerary 3 days:

  • Day 1: Santiago of Chile – Valle Nevado (Andarivel Tres Puntas) – Federación Base Camp.
  • Day 2: Federación Base Camp – Cerro El Plomo Summit (5.424 masl) – Federación Base Camp.
  • Day 3: Federación Base Camp – Valle Nevado (Andarivel Tres Puntas) – Santiago of Chile.

** Both itineraries may be subject to variations, depending on the preference and capacity of the client or some other external circumstance that justifies the modification of the possible itineraries, always under the approval and criteria of the responsible guide.


Between November and March. In springtime, heavy snowfall creates difficult ground conditions. The ideal season is between January and March, when snow is limited to specific areas, and the weather is more stable.






Depending on the itinerary chosen by the client, the prices are:

ITINERARY 2 DAYS: $350.000.- CLP (per person).

ITINERARIO 3 DAYS: $400.000.- CLP (per person).


To make your reservation valid you must deposit 50% of the total amount of the expedition. To do this, write to our email and we will indicate the form and payment information.
** The payment of the reservation made from abroad is made through Paypal: When this form of payment is used, 15 USD (which corresponds to the Paypal charge when making payments from abroad) will be added.

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  1. Estoy interesado en ascensión express 2.Dias al Cerro del Plomo. Dias 18 y 19 abril 2020. Tienen programada ascensión en esras fechas?

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