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(Español) Expedición Volcán San José (5.856 msnm)

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Plantat Refuge (3.130 masl)

Location: Plantat Refuge, San José Volcano, Cajón del Maipo Region: Metropolitan Region Country: Chile A phenomenal height trek, from beginning to end  Plantat Refuge (3.130 masl)   A must-see trekking in the Santiago Metropolitan Region. Located in the depths of the mythical Cajón del Maipo, at the foot of the majestic San José Volcano (5,856 meters…

Rock Climbing

Location: Los Manyos, Sector El Manzano, Cajón del Maipo. Country: Chile Region: Metropolitana Rock Climbing in Cajón del Maipo Los Manyos is a climbing sector located in the Cajon del Maipo, the world capital of mountaineering. This beautiful canyon surprises us with countless sites and areas for climbing, both sporting, traditional or Bouldering. The Manyos is an unmissable…

Minillas, Tarapacá and Punta de Damas Crossing

Ubication: La Florida Region: Metropolitan Region Country: Chile See the beauty of the mountain Minillas, Tarapacá & Punta de Damas   This is one of the best crossings to be made, along with the Crossing of the Sierra de Ramón, due to many factors: the view towards the capital city of Santiago, the majesty of the…